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3 Crucial Factors Included In Post-Construction Cleaning

Turning over the keys to a newly renovated space or project is every contractor’s dream. The sense of accomplishment, the satisfied client, and the promise of a job well done are all part of the allure. But before that final handshake and the keys change hands, there’s a crucial step that often gets overlooked: post-construction cleaning.

Construction sites are messy, that’s the reality. Dust, debris, paint splatters, and leftover materials can cause any well-designed space to be a chaotic mess. That’s where post-construction cleaning steps — to truly make the space move-in ready.

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This process involves removing all traces that any construction ever took place — debris, dust, grime, and dirt. The space is transformed into a neat, safe, and move-in environment. 

Basic contractors may have some knowledge of cleaning, but this is out of their scope. They can’t do anything more than sweeping the floor or basic vacuuming.

True post-construction or post-renovation cleaning needs to cover the following aspects:

  • Removing contaminants or construction residue that may cause health and safety issues
  • Cleaning HVAC systems and improving indoor air quality to eliminate dust lingering in the air
  • Using specialty floor cleaning materials to rid floors of marks, streaks, and smudges
  • Removing paint splatters off floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Removing adhesive residue or scratches that can mar the beauty of the newly renovated space
  • Cleaning of entryways
  • Dusting and wiping off equipment and appliance
  • Removing construction tools and materials and practicing proper storage
  • Ensuring there are no loose wires and pipe leaks before move-in
  • In-depth final check of the entire space, ensuring every inch is safe and suitable for habitation

2. Post-renovation cleaning is divided into multiple phases

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

Rough cleaning focuses on removing the bulk of construction debris and waste like scrap wood, drywall, packaging materials, and construction leftovers. Every surface of the area, be it the walls, floors, or ceilings, is prepared for dust and dirt removal.

The next step is cleaning ceilings and hard-to-reach areas. These must be prioritized before moving onto eye-level surfaces like floors and walls (to avoid dust from gathering below). 

Post-construction cleaners then do the job of removing barricade tape, construction stickers, and other adhesives from walls and floors. Protection films are removed from windows, doors, and fixtures.

Phase 2: Light cleaning

After the bulk of debris clearing is accomplished, the cleaners move on to a more detailed cleaning of surfaces and fixtures. Visible pictures that make up the aesthetics of the space are prioritized.

These include walls, ceilings, baseboards, door frames, and other surfaces to remove dust, smudges and fingerprints. Electrical installments like light fixtures, switches, outlets, and hardware are properly cleaned to prevent grounding.

Interior windows, glass doors, and mirrors are thoroughly washed to remove marks, allowing natural lighting to flood the space. Then, floors are given a thorough once-over with hard floors being swept and mopped, while carpets are vacuumed to get rid of remaining dust or debris.

Phase 3: Final Cleaning

This culminates the entire post-renovation cleaning job, where attention to detail changes the space into a pristine, move-in-ready environment. Cleaners usually undertake this job a few days after the light cleaning, in case there is any remaining dust or dirt that’s settled.

The final cleaning doesn’t take too long because cleaners are only concerned about any leftover residue like fingerprints, streaks, or other light imperfections from the same surfaces cleaned earlier on.

Floors are provided with their final treatment, with contractors usually engaging post-renovation cleaning companies to buff or wax. 

Carpets are also deep-cleaned and previously-cleaned areas like kitchens and bathrooms undergo final sanitization and disinfection to meet the highest standards of hygiene. The result is a space that’s sparkling clean, visually stunning, and conducive for tenants or occupants.

3. Why professional services are hired for post-renovation cleaning jobs

Construction crews will have exhausted their effort and energy in grueling construction work. It is unreasonable to have them take on the extra work of post-construction cleaning. 

This is where it’s more beneficial to engage the services of a commercial cleaning company that offers post-renovation cleaning.

  • Professional cleaners can help alleviate the burden of cleaning
  • Most post-renovation cleaning jobs require specialty cleaning solutions that are only available through direct purchase from the manufacturer. This is a more cost-effective option than purchasing the cleaning solutions yourself.
  • Liability risks potentially stemming from physical cleaning jobs are virtually eliminated, since post-construction cleaners will have already been insured and bonded by their employer
  • Professional cleaners know how to dispose of hazardous waste materials. Not to mention, they are also well-versed in waste segregation and management
  • Your construction staff’s time and energy are freed up to focus on other unfinished construction tasks unrelated to cleaning
  • No surface will be left behind, ensuring everything in the scope of the construction work — be it interior or exterior elements — has been cleaned and accounted for
  • The cleaning is accomplished in methodical phases, so that no dusty windowsill, unremoved baseboard, or scaffolding is left behind

Post-construction cleaning is vital and an unskippable step in completing any construction or renovation project. Tidying up is just one aspect of it — professional cleaners go beyond this to ensure the space is safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing for future tenants.


As the project manager, it can be tempting to let the staff handle all the cleaning, but this is not the most cost-effective solution in the long run. Professional cleaning services trump shoddy, in-house work and offer many benefits not found in the latter.

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