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Curating exhibits is one thing, but keeping your museum or art gallery can feel impossible. With delicate artifacts, priceless artwork, and high-traffic areas, cleaning has to be more than just the typical. Here’s how our art gallery and museum cleaning services in Dallas-Fort Worth can take away the stress of cleaning your venue for you.

What’s Included In Our Museum / Art Gallery Cleaning Services In DFW

Exhibit and Display Cleaning

Your exhibits are more than just objects — they’re stories, history, and art. We treat them with the utmost care, employing only specialized techniques and cleaning agents approved by you. We dust and clean delicate artifacts, sculptures, and paintings without fail, ensuring they’re properly preserved.

Floor and Surface Care

Keep your art gallery or museum’s floors spotless even as people come and go. We remove dirt, and scuffs, and ensure your floors do not succumb to accelerated wear and tear. Craddock’s uses industry-grade buffers, polishers, and scrubbers to restore shine, remove stains and protect your surfaces.

High-Touch Surface Sanitation

Museums and galleries are interactive spaces and that’s why we understand the importance of high-touch surface sanitation. We will disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, stairwell railings, and the like.We use only EPA-approved disinfectants potent against germs and bacteria while being safe for delicate surfaces.

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Deep Cleaning of Common Areas and Backrooms

Every inch of your museum, gallery, or exhibit contributes to the overall experience of the visitor. That’s why we go beyond cleaning what’s visible — we provide meticulous deep cleaning to even areas like hallways, restrooms, admin offices, and the like. We make sure dust doesn’t gather on any of your surfaces. Everything is cleaned and sanitized to the T for the staff and guests’ safety.

Why Choose Our Museum / Exhibit / Art Gallery Cleaning Services In Dallas-Fort Worth


24/7 Operation To Minimize Disruptions

Anticipating a surge in visitors for a planned exhibit? We work around your schedule so that it fits your cleaning needs. Craddock’s Cleaning Services is available 24/7. Call us when you need us, and we’ll be there.

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Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Cleaning Staff For Your Peace Of Mind

Don’t let liability or damage concerns keep you up at night. All our cleaning staff is fully licensed, bonded, and insured so your museum or gallery is protected.


You Tell Us What Cleaning Solutions To Use, Not The Other Way Around

We will not charge you until we both agree on the type of cleaning solutions we will use to clean your prized venue. Whether it’s gentle, pH-neutral cleaners for delicate surfaces or specialized solutions for sculptures, your collection is unique and so should our approach.

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We Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals On Priceless Art

Concerned about harsh cleaning chemicals that can damage delicate artifacts and artwork? We know cleaning museums and galleries requires a gentle touch, that’s why we use only cleaning solutions that you approve of.

Showcase your collection in the best light and provide your visitors with a pristine experience

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