Ensure Parents’ Peace Of Mind With Our Cleaning Services For Daycare Centers In Dallas-Fort Worth

We will ensure every area of your daycare facility is spotless and sparkling clean.
Guaranteed 100% satisfaction else we will return to the address and do a reclean at no extra cost to you.
Just call us within the first 24 hours after the initial job is done.

What’s Included In Our Daycare Center Cleaning Services In DFW

Play Area Cleaning And Sanitization

  • Toy disinfection including hard plastic toys, soft toys, blocks, puzzles, and other play items using EPA-approved disinfectants safe for kids.
  • Playmats, activity tables, chairs, and other surfaces in play areas
  • Sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting play area floors. Specialized cleaning for various floor types, including carpet, tile, and vinyl
  • Bookshelves, cubbies, and other storage compartments
  • Streak-free cleaning of windows and glass surfaces in play areas

Nap Area Preparation, Cleaning, And Disinfection

  • Thorough cleaning and sanitization of cribs, cots, and sleeping mats using child-safe disinfectants
  • Washing and sanitizing of sheets, blankets, and other bedding materials as per manufacturer instructions
  • Vacuuming and mopping nap room floors to remove dust, dirt, and allergens

Restroom And Diaper Changing Station Sanitization

  • Basic and deep janitorial cleaning of toilets, sinks, faucets, and surrounding areas using hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Diaper changing tables, trash bins, and all surfaces
  • Mopping and disinfecting floors, grout cleaning, and wiping down walls
child playing with blocks at a daycare center

Kitchen And Food Preparation Area Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of countertops, sinks, and all food-preparation surfaces with food-safe sanitizers
  • Wiping down high chairs, tables, and other surfaces where children eat
  • Removing debris, spills, and dirt on kitchen floors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing refrigerator shelves, drawers, and door handle
  • Wiping pantry shelves and organizing food items
  • Proper cleaning and sanitization of dishes, utensils, and feeding supplies as per health and safety guidelines

We provide cleaning services as per special requests. Just let us know and we’ll craft a custom plan for you.

Why Choose Us As Your Daycare Center Cleaning Company In DFW


Quality Cleaning Without Breaking The Bank

We understand budgets are tight. This is why we strive to offer affordable cleaning solutions to your daycare facility without compromising quality. Competitive rates and flexible plans tailored to the facility’s needs.


Customized, Non-Cookie-Cutter Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all plans. We work with you to craft a customized cleaning schedule and service list addressing your priorities, from high-traffic play areas to delicate nap rooms.


We Pay Special Attention To High-Traffic Areas

Germs can quickly spread in high-traffic and high-touchpoint areas. We focus on meticulously cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like toys, doorknobs, light switches, and restroom fixtures.


We Use Non-Harsh But Effective Cleaning Solutions For Kids’ Safety

We don’t use harsh cleaning solutions that harm your children. Safety is our priority above all else. Instead, we use only children-safe and EPA-approved materials that are tough on germs but gentle on the little ones.

Keep little ones safe and impress parents with Craddock’s daycare center cleaning services for Dallas-Fort Worth facilities

Parents trust you with their precious little ones. Reassure them with Craddock’s Cleaning Services’ meticulousness. 

We understand the specific cleaning requirements of daycare centers, from sanitizing frequently-mouthed toys to disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Our goal is to create a hygienic environment that promotes health, happiness, and holistic development. Claim a FREE, no-obligation quote today in 24 hours or less and we’ll start cleaning in no time at all.

High angle of person with surgical gloves cleaning surface with alcohol and napkin

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