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High rollers expect high standards. But with the constant foot traffic, spills, and smoke, maintaining that level of cleanliness is a challenge.

We know you’re juggling a million tasks to keep your casino running smoothly. Cleaning crews that cut corners or miss deadlines is the last thing you need to worry about.

Our casino cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is the solution.

What’s Included In Our Casino Cleaning Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

Carpet Cleaning

We use hot water extraction and professional-grade shampoos to remove deep-set stains, spills, and odors from carpets. This leaves them fresh and revitalized.

Lounge Cleaning

We ensure a pristine and inviting lounge experience by vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting furniture, tables, surfaces, and high-touch surfaces like armrests, tabletops, bar stools, dispensers, and door handles.

Back-of-House Cleaning

Storage areas, offices, break rooms, and other back-of-house spaces are meticulously cleaned and organized to ensure a clean and efficient working environment for casino staff.

Upholstery Cleaning

Hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning methods, along with fabric-specific cleaning solutions. We keep upholstery free from odors and allergens, extending their lifespan.

Gaming Floor Cleaning

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We meticulously clean and sanitize slot machines, gaming tables, chairs, and other equipment, removing fingerprints, grime, and residue.

Slot Machine Detailing

Our detailed cleaning process includes wiping down exterior surfaces, disinfecting buttons and touchscreens, and removing dust and debris from internal components so the machine runs smoothly without any issues.

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Why Choose Our Casino Cleaning Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

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Fully-Vetted, Insured, and Bonded Staff

Concerned about security and liability when letting cleaning crews into your casino? Rest easy with us. Our cleaners are professionals. We're fully insured and bonded, ensuring your property and assets are protected always.

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Custom-Made Cleaning Quote Accommodating Special Requests

Every casino is different, which is why we offer all our clients custom-made quotes unique to their requirements. We assess the venue and craft a cleaning plan that’s made only for the casino.


Blazing Fast Turnaround to Avoid Disruptions

Downtime is lost revenue. We understand the urgency in this industry. That’s why our cleaning crews are known for their speed and efficiency. We’ll clean your casino in record time.

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Non-Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

Have you been burned in the past with a cleaning contractor who used the wrong solution on gaming tables? Not Craddock’s. We only use non-abrasive solutions to keep all furniture and equipment sparkling clean and damage-free.

Don't Let a Dirty Casino Drive Customers Away. Hire Craddock’s Cleaning Services Now

Don’t let dirt, grime, or unpleasant odors drive customers away. Invest in Craddock’s Casino Cleaning Services, where we go beyond the surface to create a pristine, inviting atmosphere that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

Claim your FREE, no-obligation quote today and work with us to craft a tailored cleaning plan that suits your space.

Hear What 20+ Of Our Past Clients Have To Say About Craddock's Cleaning Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

Stephen G
Stephen G
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Jeremy does a wonderful job and is definitely someone you can trust in your home. He was extremely polite and hard working and we will use again.
Arika Gullet
Arika Gullet
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Had a deep cleaning today and we are very pleased with their work and professionalism. They cleaned everything! We had a big task and they delivered! They took their time, but we’re not slow by any means, and we’re very detailed. I would definitely hire them again.
 Kami Jones
Kami Jones
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I am thoroughly impressed with Craddock’s Cleaning Services, the cleaning team was very attentive and made sure all of my home needs were met. I will definitely use and recommend this service to anyone one, especially my family and friends.
Debbie H
Debbie H
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Jeremy was the best professional cleaner I’ve ever had. The last lady I had no showed a couple weeks ago…. Now, I look back & glad she never came because now I have Jeremy with Craddocks Cleaning Service.
Doug Viska
Doug Viska
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Excellent work ethic and performance results. I would strongly recommend it for any or all your cleaning needs. We are very satisfied with the service we get. They have cleaned homes where we evicted a tenant which required a lot of extra effort.
John Bunker Sands
John Bunker Sands
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Our Nature Center has been using Craddock’s Cleaning Service’s since March of 2023 and are very satisfied with their customer service, communication, and pricing! The owner's involvement in the cleaning processes and quality ..