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What To Do Before Office Cleaning Services Arrive?

Before office cleaning professionals arrive, you can take key steps to ensure the cleaning process is smooth sailing, safe, and efficient. 

Knowing what to do before professional cleaning services arrive allows you to maximize their stay and turnaround time, and ensure the workspace is cleaned in the shortest time possible, without disrupting regular hours too much.

This guide walks you through essential preparation tips for the arrival of office cleaners. Read on.

Free up workspaces from unnecessary items

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is just half the job done — you still need to prepare the workspace. Yes, doing a little bit of pre-cleaning goes a long way.

Clear out desks, tables, and other surfaces of unnecessary objects like papers, coffee cups, and personal belongings. It’s easy to say the cleaners can handle this task, but if you really want to speed up the process, heed this advice.

Cleaners can easily access a clutter-free environment easily and thoroughly. They can conduct a more comprehensive cleaning in that way. Encourage employees to be responsible for their workspaces or desks by providing storage solutions and reminding them to tidy up before the cleaners arrive.

Secure valuables and confidential documents

Be sure to secure valuables or confidential documents. This includes locking away cash, jewelry, sensitive electronics, or any paperwork containing personal or proprietary information in proper lockboxes.

While reputable cleaning companies conduct thorough background checks on their employees, it is better to err on the side of caution and prevent potential misunderstandings or mishaps. 

You certainly wouldn’t want any strangers sifting through your files or accidentally throwing away important documents, would you?

Designate a secure storage area for sensitive items or have them temporarily relocated to a locked office or cabinet for the entire time the cleaners will be present.

Have employees bring home personal items from break rooms and kitchens

Encourage employees to take home any personal items left in the break room or kitchen. This includes mugs, dishes, utensils, and leftover food. 

Besides the security aspect, doing this makes it easier for the part of the arriving cleaning crew. They can work faster because they’re left to focus on disinfecting the entire office and conducting professional activities like high-rise window cleaning, floor cleaning, and proper waste disposal — among others.

Repeat instructions on special requests or concerns

Most professional companies are thorough and pay high attention to detail, but even the most seasoned professionals need gentle reminders. Miscommunications and overlooked details can easily happen in between cleaning jobs.

To ensure a flawless experience, take a few minutes to repeat any special requests or concerns. Remind the cleaners of specific areas that need extra attention, preferred cleaning products for certain surfaces, or any off-limits zones.

Remove boxes, furniture, tangled cords, or any obstacles that can block the cleaning path

Imagine a cleaning crew navigating a maze of boxes, or worse short-circuiting a computer by tripping over a tangled cord.

Not only are these costly floor safety hazards, but they impede the office cleaning staff’s ability to clean effectively. So before they arrive, take a few minutes to clear pathways and seek assistance from office staff to ensure easy access to all areas that need attention.

Unlock rooms and areas that need cleaning

office cleaner pushing elevator button while holding cleaning materials

The cleaning company is there to clean the entire office, not just the open spaces. Make sure they have easy but secure access to every room that needs attention. 

Unlock all relevant rooms before their arrival, including (but not limited to):

  • Individual offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Storage closets
  • Restrooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Pantry

Provide access to electrical outlets, running water, and other necessary amenities

The cleaning crew will have already come prepared with their own set of supplies and cleaning solutions, but they may need access to basic amenities like running water and electrical outlets to complete the work effectively.

Have a maintenance crew check whether plumbing and/or electricity are in working order. The cleaners will need a water supply to rinse mops, refill buckets, and conduct other cleaning tasks. Meanwhile, they’ll need access to power so they can plug in equipment like vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, carpet shampooers, and the like.

Key takeaway on preparing for the arrival of office cleaning services

Preparing for the arrival of office cleaning services doesn’t take much. Common sense should mostly guide your actions. 

Before the cleaning crew arrives, declutter desks, and common areas, secure valuables and anything confidential. Ensure they are well-primed on the areas that need cleaning and have access to the amenities to do their job.

These steps may be simple, but they go a long way to ensuring the entire cleaning is streamlined and efficient.

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