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Are Commercial Carpet Cleaners Better Than DIY?

Let’s cut to the chase: commercial carpet cleaning services are absolutely worth it. They offer deeper clean, longer-lasting results, and can even save you money in the long run.

Just think of the last time you hired someone from your staff to clean your carpet. Did you get the same level of professional cleanliness? We guarantee right now the answer to this is no. So we’re here to discuss what makes commercial carpet cleaners better than doing it yourself.

At first, this seems like a budget-friendly option. But before you try to work out how to use the machine and use questionable cleaning solutions and materials for your carpet, consider these downsides:

  1. Rental machines are less powerful than professional equipment because they only remove surface dirt and debris. They can’t get rid of deep-seated stains, allergens, and ground-in grime.
  2. Using the wrong cleaning solutions can damage your carpet. It’s much more expensive to have to deal with discoloration, matting, or even mold growth, not to mention the risk of over-wetting the carpet, making them a haven for water-loving bacteria.
  3. DIY commercial carpet cleaning is labor-intensive and can eat up your valuable time. You’ll need to haul the machine, use the right concentration when mixing cleaning solutions, clean, and then wait several days for the carpet to dry thoroughly (you can’t just use a hairdryer to do it after all).
  4. Do not forget the hidden costs involved in renting the machine, buying commercial-grade cleaning solutions, and fixing potential repairs. These costs quickly add up, making DIY cleaning less budget-friendly than it initially seems.

In the end, you might find yourself frustrated with lackluster results and a sore back – not exactly the recipe for a productive workday. And if you’ve tasked someone from your admin staff to handle the cleaning, you’re likely to face resentment and a dip in morale.

5 reasons why professional, commercial carpet cleaning is miles better

Professional carpet cleaning for commercial spaces, on the other hand, offers a host of advantages:

  1. Expertise in deep cleaning: Professional carpet cleaners know how to reach deep within the carpet fibers, and extract dirt, dust mites, allergen, and stubborn stains not reachable via DIY cleaning.

  2. Advanced cleaning strategies: Commercial carpet cleaners use hot water extraction or steam cleaning and dry cleaning to remove dirt and grime embedded in the carpet. These are far more effective than DIY approaches.

  3. Specialized cleaning solutions: Professional cleaners have access to various cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated to clean carpet materials and stains. These are not your average supermarket carpet shampoo and often contain powerful, professional-grade ingredients.

  4. Time and labor savings: Let’s face it, cleaning carpets eats up your employees’ time and is physically demanding. Hiring the pros frees up more bandwidth and resources so you or your staff can focus on revenue-generating activities.

  5. Prolong the lifespan of your carpets: Commercial cleaning extends the lifespan of your precious carpet. Yes, the initial cost of hiring them (especially if you’ll hire recurrently) may be high, but the ROI is worth it.

Comparing the costs of DIY vs commercial carpet cleaning

DIY carpet cleaning costs:

  • Rental Machine: $25-$50 per day
  • Cleaning Solution: $15-$30 per bottle (depending on brand and type)
  • Additional Supplies: Brushes, gloves, spot removers ($10-$20)
  • Time: Your valuable time spent cleaning (difficult to quantify but consider the hourly rate you could be earning)
  • Potential for Damage: Incorrect cleaning methods or solutions can damage carpets and lead to costly repairs and replacements in the long run

Professional carpet cleaning costs:

  • Average cost: $0.20 – $0.40 per square foot (depending on the size of the carpet, level of soiling, and size of area)
  • Additional services: Fees may apply for additional services like stain removal, odor treatment, and protectant application.

When to choose DIY over commercial carpet cleaning?

We are not advocating against DIY carpet cleaning. We do understand they offer undeniable benefits, especially for one-time jobs.

DIY carpet cleaning may be more suitable if your carpets only have surface dirt or minor stains. Not to mention, you’re on a tight budget and you only need to spot clean a specific area of the carpet.

Meanwhile, you should go with commercial carpet cleaning if your carpets require deep cleaning. This is especially true for carpets in high-foot-traffic areas. They can benefit from professional cleaning to get the ideal results.

Stubborn stains and odors are another reason to choose commercial carpet cleaning over DIY solutions. As mentioned, the pros know the right chemical mixture/concentration to use on commercial carpets.

Finally, time constraints and health concerns are two other reasons to go with commercial cleaning. Outsourcing the cleaning to a dedicated staff allows you to allocate your staff’s time and resources more wisely. 

Plus, professional carpet cleaning can also help remove allergens especially if you have customers or employees with allergies or sensitivities.

Key takeaway: When you invest in professional carpet cleaning, you invest in your commercial space

DIY carpet cleaning might be a tempting option for minor spills or light cleaning, but it does fall short in deep cleaning and the maintenance commercial carpets require. This is why it’s highly recommended to invest in professional commercial floor cleaning services.

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