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Are Professional Window Cleaners Worth It?

Wondering if professional window cleaning services are worth it? You know it all too well — crystal clear windows are just a few of the things that make your storefront or business space attractive to clients and productivity-boosting for employees.

But do you need to hire professionals to do it? This guide breaks down the costs, benefits, and expert techniques that go into commercial window cleaning. Read on.

The price tag associated with professional window cleaning services has certainly sparked eyebrows. It’s natural to wonder why hiring a pro can be more expensive than a DIY approach.
However, you should view these services as an investment rather than an expense. Here’s why.

Window cleaning services involve skilled labor

First, professional window cleaning involves skilled labor. A commercial cleaning company will have trained their staff in expert techniques involved in cleaning windows, especially for hard-to-reach or high-rise locations.

You might think window cleaners just do the typical wipedown, but so much more is involved, like the S-pattern, fanning, detailing, and use of water-fed pole systems.

The knowledge and experience come at a cost, as reflected in the quote, hourly rates, or project fees.

Professional window cleaners use industry-grade equipment and cleaning solutions

Second, professional cleaners use different equipment that the average business doesn’t necessarily have access to.

Tools may be anywhere from squeegees, to extension poles and window cleaning solutions specifically formulated to achieve streak-free results.

Size and type of windows also matter

Unsurprisingly, the size and type of windows also matter. Larger windows, multi-paned windows, or windows with intricate detailing require more time and effort to clean, thus increasing the cost.

Cleaning frequency can also affect the price. The good news is regular cleaning contracts often offer discounted rates than one-time cleaning, making it more cost-effective to maintain consistently clean windows.

Location and competition influence the price of window cleaning services

Areas where the cost of living is much higher will invariably drive up the cost of these services. The demand is just greater.

For example, the cost of a window cleaning service might be more expensive in New York, than let’s say a smaller city like Boise, Idaho.


How Do Professionals Clean Windows Inside?

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You might have some luck cleaning windows like a professional, but the time, effort, materials, and training it takes makes the job a little bit more difficult.

Nevertheless, if you want to clean your windows like a professional, here’s a short and sweet guide and a video demonstration on how they do it:

Here’s a video on how we professionally clean commercial windows in Craddock’s Cleaning Services:

  • Step 1: Professionals lay down drop cloths to protect floors and furniture from spills. They remove any dust or debris from window frames and sills using a brush or vacuum.
  • Step 2: They apply a professional-grade cleaning solution to the window surface using a T-bar applicator or a sprayer. The solution is specifically formulated for the breakdown of dirt, grime, and fingerprints without leaving behind streaks or residue.
  • Step 3: The professional window cleaner may use a soft-bristled brush or a non-abrasive scrubbing pad to gently agitate the surface and loosen up the dirt. This method helps them prepare the stubborn grime or sticky residue for removal.
  • Step 4: The cleaner holds the squeegee at an angle while making slow and steady overlapping strokes from top to bottom. This wipes away the cleaning solution and leaves the glass virtually dry. The squeegee blade is wiped clean after every stroke to prevent streaks.
  • Step 5: A lint-microfiber cloth is used to detail the edges and corners of the window, removing virtually all moisture or solution residue. Window frames and tracks are also cleaned.
  • Step 6: The professional will thoroughly inspect the job from different angles, ensuring it’s spotless, free from streaks and residue, and sparkling clean. Any areas that require additional attention will also be inspected.

How Often Should Commercial Windows Be Cleaned?

professional window cleaner cleaning high rise windows outside

A lot goes into determining how often you need your commercial windows to be cleaned, but here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • High-traffic areas: (storefronts, restaurants): Weekly or bi-weekly
  • Low-traffic areas (office buildings, warehouses): Monthly or quarterly
  • Harsh environments (construction sites, industrial areas): As needed, potentially more frequently
  • After specific events (renovations, storms): One-time cleaning

Remember, these are just guidelines. Consult with a professional window cleaning service like Craddock’s to determine the best schedule that fits your specific needs.

What Cleaning Solutions Do Commercial Window Washers Use?

While specific formulas can vary, professional window washers typically combine the following cleaning solutions:

  • Soap and water
  • Professional-grade detergents for heavily soiled or hard-to-clean windows (Ettore’s Pro+ Glass Cleaner or Unger’s Liquid Glass Cleaner. These are powerful formulas designed to break down stubborn dirt and environmental pollutants.


  • Hard water stain removers like Bio-Clean or CLR dissolve mineral deposits and restore the glass’s clarity.


  • Eco-friendly cleaners: Many window cleaning companies also offer eco-friendly solutions like Sprayway Glass Cleaner or Seventh Generation Free & Clear Glass Cleaner which are made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients.

The specific leaning solution used will depend on the type of glass, level of soiling and customer’s preferences. 

If you’re looking to purchase these products, they’re readily available for purchase in the US in most hardware stores, supply stores, janitorial supply stores, and online retailers.

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services

Hiring professional window cleaning services brings a host of benefits:

  • Time savings: Get back hours your employees spend scrubbing and invest them into doing their core tasks.

  • Avoid dangerous DIY cleaning, especially on ladders or high-rises.

  • Pros know the best techniques and products for all window types.

  • Regular professional cleaning prevents damage and extends the lifespan of your windows.

Clean windows also boost the curb appeal of your storefront or business premises and attract customers or tenants.

Key Takeaway: Are Professional Window Cleaners Worth It?

The question of whether professional window cleaning is “worth it” ultimately depends on your priorities and circumstances.

If you value your employee’s time, productivity, and safety, and consistently desire sparkling clean windows, then the answer is yes.

Sure, the upfront costs of cleaning a window may be higher than traditional DIY methods, but professional window cleaning offers a host of benefits.

If you’re still on the fence, reach out to Craddock’s Cleaning Services and get a free, no-obligation quote. Compare prices, services, and customer reviews to find the best fit for your needs.

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